We have outlined some of the most frequent questions we receive on a daily basis, should you need any more information please do not hesitate to contacting us and we will be very happy to answer them all.

How do I make a firm reservation?

To reserve with us we require a €250 pp + local flights and the balance, 30 days before arrival. You can pay cash upon arrival but in that case the prepayment is of €400 pp and is not refundable.


How do I pay for the rest of the trip?

That the depends on your preference.  Before your arrival or upon your arrival. You can pay using paypal or you can pay directly to our bank account in Madagascar. You can also pay cash upon arrival.

Do I need to sign up for an itinerary before getting to Madagascar?

Absolutely not. We understand that sometimes before we go on holiday, we feel like doing millions of different things then, once on holiday, we just want to relax. We can discuss this option upon arrival.

What happens to my deposit if I need to cancel or postpone the trip before I travel to Madagascar?

You, or someone else for you, can use your deposit towards another trip in the future,1 year max. Unfortunately, unless you cancel at least 60 days prior arrival we cannot refund 100% of the deposits. After 60 days before arrival, we will retain 25% of the deposit. After 30 days before arrival we will retain 50% of the deposit. After 21 days, before arrival, we will retain 75% of the deposit. After 14 days before arrival we will retain 100% of the deposit. This is also valid for our car rental deposit.

What happens if I commit to a prepaid tour but wish to change it completely whilst en route?

We will do our very best to accommodate your request and find the best possible solution to avoid extra charge.

Is Madagascar a safe country to visit?

Madagascar is definitely not a dangerous country. It is the 11th poorest country in the world and obviously petty crime is high on the streets of big cities. Just avoid showing off personal objects in crowded places. I would apply this rule anywhere else in the world anyway.

Describe in few words Malagasy people.

Like everywhere there’s nice people and not so nice people. What you’ll notice is mostly very poor people with an enviable smile always ready to salute you, like they had known you forever. They will try to sell you a shirt or a souvenir at huge prices but they will accept your “no thank you” with a smile.

What is the cheapest and quickest way to get to Madagascar?

Obviously prices fluctuate constantly and also vary lots depending on departing airport. We have seen flights from both LAX and NYC, just above €1,700, all inclusive. Unfortunately the cheapest options tend to have extra stop overs. Including stop-overs allow at least 24 hrs to arrive to Antananarivo (TNR). The fastest way will be to fly to Paris and catch a direct fly to TNR (PAR – TNR 9 hrs). There are also direct flights to TNR from Johannesburg (JNB – TNR 3 hours). Give us your dates, we will help you finding the best option.

When is the best time to visit Madagascar?

It’s always hot in Madagascar but during the rainy season (from end of December to end of March) lots of places are not accessible due to the bad conditions of the roads. However there are places accessible all year round. Just speak to us about travelling during the rainy season.