Day 1 Antantanarivo

Flights from Paris to Antananarivo arrive at around midnight. We supposed that our services begin with the transfer form the airport to the hotel where you will spend your first night.

Day 2 Antantanarivo – Andasibe

We begin our tour going east towards Andasibe, along the route nationale “7”,  a trip of about 4 hours. The scenery will change from just outside the capital from dry to lavish forests just few minutes into our journey. The road itself, with Malagasy standards, is in good conditions, very hilly, bendy with many large trucks not exceeding the 25 mph. Generally speaking, landscape is fantastic, we will pass few small villages, rice fields and see beautiful plants, completely new to our eyes. The arrival in Andasibe is expected at about midday. Our first visit is booked with the Analamazaotra, more commonly known as the reserve of the indri, the largest specie of lemur. The indri is an incredible primate, very agile and loud thanks to his continuous screaming throughout the day. RIght after dark, there is a brief walk along the perimeter of the park to spot some wildlife in the dark. If we are lucky, we will admire the “mouse lemur” or Microcebus, the smallest of all the lemurs.

Day 3 Andasibe – Mantadia – Andasibe

In the morning, a short drive north to visit the park of Mantadia. We have planned a small 4 hours circuit, to observe some groups of lemurs like the diadem sifaka, the bamboo lemur and, of course, the indri. The circuit includes amazing landscapes made of small waterfalls, rivers and some incredible tropical vegetation. After a small break, we head to the reserve of the Vakona lodge. Watch your cameras, lemurs are really cheeky here!

Day 4 Andasibe – Antsirabe

Long traveling day ahead, we will head south of Antananarivo to get to Antsirabe, seven hours away. Past the capital, the scenery doesn’t change much until Ranomafana. We will drive through typical highlands villages, rice fields, a few planted trees here and there and some red rivers. The national seven is incredibly beautiful and “classic Madagascar at its best”, we will leave behind cars and trucks that in States would not even be considered worthy of a wreck yard, souvenir vendors, barnyard animals feeding just by the side of the road, cyclists and much more. Five hours into our drive, and we shoud be in Ambatolampy, where we will stop to visit a foundry that produced kitchen utensils for the whole country. By 3 in the afternoon, we should reach Antsirabe, for a short visit of the great local market of Tsara Sabotsy. You should be tired now, in time for a good shower and a dinner.

Day 5 Antsirabe

We will spend the day in this town is known as the “Vichy of Madagascar” for its many thermal springs. We will tour Antsirabe on a rickshaw, to discover local traditions of silk-weaving, stone cutting and zebu horn carving. In the afternoon we will take the scenic drive and a short hike to Lake Titriva, a beautiful lake that fills the extinct crater of a volcanic cone surrounded by majestic metamorphic cliffs.

Day 6 Antsirabe – Ranomafana

After breakfast we will drive to Ranomafana National Park, a tropical rain forest over 161 square miles. Along the journey, we will visit Ambositra, the center of Madagascar’s wood carving industry. Here you can buy some amazing gifts for your loved ones. We will arrive in Ranomafana in the evening, just in time to do a short guided walk by the edges of the Park to view some amazing creatures at work at night. Be sure to wear long sleeve shirts and pants, also bring bug spray.

Day 7 Ranomafana – Ambalavao

Today in the morning before it is too hot, we will take a sightseeing hike in Ranomafana National Park, one of the most beautiful Rainforests in the World. Here we will see some of the lemurs and other unique animal species Madagascar has to offer. After our hike and lunch, we will head south to Ambalavao, a large subtropical town in east-central Madagascar. If on time, we will visit the Antaimoro Paper factory. This papyrus type paper, made from the bark of a tree called avoha, is impregnated with dried flowers and sold into such items as wall hangings and lampshades.

Day 8 Ambalavao – Andringitra National Park – Ranohira

From Ambalavao we drive to the National Park of Andringitra. The Andringitra is one of the most spectacular National Park of Madagascar and you will be blown away by its granite peaks and dome, reaching an altitude of almost 9000 ft. We will take you to the foot of the sacred Riandahy drop (1000 ft high) and visit the cave of Ijajofo hidden under a forest. This circuit will last 4 hours and you will see why this is the most scenic National Park of Madagascar. After the hike, we will go back to the route nationale 7 and continue south. We will stop just after Ambalavao to visit the Anja Community Reserve, a gorgeous 74-acre wonderland. Designated a protected reserve in 1999, this fascinating park has breathtaking views, beautiful plant life and hosts more than 300 not camera-shy ring tailed lemurs. Here in Anja, nature and humans coexist and flourish. After our visit to Anja Reserve, we will drive to Ranohira. We should arrive in Ranohira early in the evening.

Day 9 Isalo National Park

Today, another breathtaking National Park of Madagascar.  The National Park of Isalo is truly a unique park with incredibly diverse landscapes, including prairie-like grasslands, mountains, deep canyons and tropical oases with picturesque waterfalls dropping into inviting blue pools of cool (COLD) water. You may consider taking a dip after a long hike, here temperatures can easily reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit before midday. Wear good walking shoes and bring plenty of water. Today’s lunch will be on the go. Before sunset we will head to the famous Window of Isalo, a rock formation for one of the best sunset photo opportunities of the tour.

Day 10 Ranohira – Ifaty

We will continue south, towards the western shore of Madagascar. Along the way we will stop at an arboretum showcasing many species of endemic plants. We will then, continue to Toulear where we will stop for lunch. From Toulear, we will head North along the Western coast of Madagascar and the route 9 to reach our last stop: Ifaty. Ifaty is a quaint beachfront village where we will stay for the next four nights with plenty of time to relax, enjoy the beach and the surrounding areas.

Day 11/12/13 Ifaty

From today, you will have the opportunity to do many water activities such as swimming, fishing, snorkeling, boating and scuba. Or relax on the beach and read your favorite book. This is your opportunity to do your own thing. We suggest also a visit to the beautiful and very unique private Reserve of Reniala (baobab in Malagasy), a beautiful spiny forest full endemic plants and birds.

Day 14 Ifaty – Toulear

After breakfast we will drive from Ifaty to the airport in Toulear, where we will catch the flight back to Antananarivo. The tour ends upon our arrival in Toulear Airport.


What’s included

  • Car with English speaking driver
  • Hotels on a B&B basis
  • All mentioned excursions with National Park entrances and  local guides
  • Transfers from and to Airports

Not Included

  • All drinks
  • All activities in Ifaty
  • All flights, International and Domestic

Additional Info

Domestic flight:
Air Madagascar flies Toulear – Antananarivo daily with different times depending on the day of the week. The cost of the flight TLE – TNR one way is about $220 pp (Jan 2017). Many visitors buy the international flight with Air Madagascar to get a discount for domestic flights. You MUST purchase of both the international and the domestic flight at the same time in order to get the discount.
In case you want to avoid the domestic flight, and save some money ($300), we also offer the trip back to Antananarivo by the car, 600 miles along the “route seven”. The cost of this service is of $250 for two people, that includes the hotel in Ambalavao (with the possibility of a short tour of Anja Private reserve – at extra cost). The trip Ifaty – Antananarivo will be done in two stages: Ifaty – Ambalavao 9 hours and Ambalavao – Antananarivo 9 hours.
Road Trip:
The roads in Madagascar are a problem and the distances between the main tourist attractions do not help. On this tour, we will travel all along the great route national “seven” for approximately 900 miles, from Andasibe to Ifaty . The longest driving day, is on the fourth day, Andasibe – Antsirabe 7 hours.
Here below, approximately the time we will spend in the car:
Tana – Andasibe 3.5 hours | Andasibe – Antsirabe 7 hours | Antsirabe – Ranomafana five hours | Ranomafana – Ambalavao 3 hours | Ambalavao – Andringitra 1 hour | Ambalavao – Ranohira 4 hours| Ranohira – Ifaty 5 hours | Ifaty – Airport 1 hours
14 days
Price of the Tour
From $1200 pp
Thirteen nights from $1650 pp based on 2 people sharing the same room. Based on 3 people with 2 rooms $1310 pp with a single supplement of $300. Based on 4 people, 2 rooms, $1200 pp. The price is based on basic clean hotels with private facilites and restaurant. Should there be more travelers for the same/similar period, we will let you know about the possibility to joining them/you, saving you all money. Our 4x4 will comfortably carry 5 adults.
Travel Distance by car
900 miles
Meal Plan
Bed and Breakfast
Difficulty for this tour