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Baly Bay National Park

Baly Bay National Park

Baly Bay National Park

Located in the North West of the Big Island, 150 km from Majunga, the park has an area of ​​57,162 ha where between rivers, mangroves, coastal dunes and lakes, where you will make great discoveries while enjoying the superb beaches and coral reefs in the marine park.

A rich and varied ecosystem

A destination dedicated to nature lovers, the Baly Bay National Park will satisfy the most curious eager to discover a rich and special fauna. Consisting of a marine and terrestrial park, the site indeed offers a variety of animal species, some of which are endemic here, such as the Angonoka tortoise. Crossed by 2 large rivers, namely the Kapiloza and the Andranomavo, their presence has created different habitats where many animal species have found refuge.


The park lists among other 13 species of mammals including 8 species of lemurs among which 5 are nocturnal as well as 8 species of amphibians and 37 species of reptiles. The bird population is dominant here with 122 species of birds, the most emblematic of which is the Ankoay aka the Madagascan fish eagle, a water bird listed among the 54 other species that make up Baly Bay National Park. In the marine park, in addition to a great marine wealth, shelters a herbivorous marine mammal: the Dugong.

Superb landscapes and exuberant flora

Biologists and or amateurs of wild nature, will have the opportunity to discover its 129 plant species distributed in the different ecosystems that make up the site: terrestrial ecosystem, coastal ecosystem and an aquatic ecosystem. The bay will also allow you to make different dives to discover superb coral reefs and marine plants in a multitude of shapes and colors. Also discover the magnificent green carpet of mangroves but also its dense and dry forest as well as its thicket characterized by shaggy vegetation.

Bay de Baly National Park is not far from another natural wonder, the Tsingy of Namoroka National Park. A site not to be missed if you come this far.

Good to Know

150 km West of Mahajunga (10 hours' drive or 6/7 hours boat ride)
Entry Fee
Park entry fee 45.000 MGA + guide from 50.000 MGA for 2 people depending on the circuit. Boat or pirogue not included.
Our favorite hotels (in Soalala)
Les sables d'Or (very basic but the best)
When to Go
May to November
From Katsepy, you can reach Soalala by brousse, and terrible 10/12 hours' journey. To hire a 4WD will cost you up to €400 including fuel. You can reach the park by boat from Mahajunga, it can cost from €450 eur fuel included. Several hotels in Mahajunga can help you organise the visit.