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All tours are private, prices shown on the pics are from, per person and based on 4 or 6 (depending on the tour) people traveling.

Madagascar is one of the most unique destination of the planet!

The diversity of its culture and the richness of its biodiversity make it a real special destination: what other island in the world can boast of bringing together both Africa and Asia on the same territory?

Away from mass tourism, Madagascar still offers the opportunity for passing visitors to find themselves alone in the heart of incredible landscapes (giant baobabs, gray tsingy, red tsingy, white sand beaches, paradisiacal lagoons, etc.) and to experience real physical and sporting adventures in the four corners of the island (descent of the river in a canoe, trekking in the tropical forest, 4×4 along the tracks of the great south…).

Our Madagascar Trips….

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Alaotra, Zahamena and Andasibe National Park

A private 8 days tour surrounded by nature in the Alaotra Lake Region and the UNESCO world heritage site Zahamena National Park, a unique off the beaten path tour full of endemic discoveries.

Andasibe, the Pangalanes Canal and Sainte Marie

A tour that embraces the most Eastern Madagascar has to offer. You'll love the laid back tropical feel, but at the same time you want to experience a different world. Most probably, you are also after one of the experiences of a lifetime, watch the humpback whales from June to September.

Classic Madagascar

The Classic Tour of Madagascar, from the Rainforest of Andasibe to the dry Southwest coast on the Mozambique Channel through the Central Highlands of the Merina and the Betsileo. A magical trip to discover some of the most iconic sights of Madagascar including the Parks of Ranomafana and Isalo.
Bike not included

Cycling Tour of Southern Madagascar

A 13 days super tour by bicycle and on foot visiting the parks of Andasibe, Ranomafana and Isalo, along the most beautiful secondary roads. For the more sporty travelers.

Discovery of the Southern Makay Massif

The Makay has become the place to travel in Madagascar. This trip allows you to discover extraordinary landscapes and canyons which shelter endemic flora and fauna. Refuge of biodiversity, you will be seduced by the spectacle of raw nature. After setting up our fixed camp in a spectacular tangle of canyons, we radiate on foot between narrow gorge with clear waters and white sand climbing plateaus with magnificent panoramas. This voyage of discovery, accessible to any motivated and curious person, provides access to the heart of the Makay massif and…
Ankarafantsika, Crocodile Tree

Madagascar from North to South

A private 20 days Itinerant tour of Madagascar from North to South, from Diego Suarez to Anakao, from the savannah landscapes of the north to the lush parks of the south, 6 uniques National Parks along the main road of Madagascar, different villages and also relaxation in dreamlike paradise beaches.

Madagascar’s Wild West

A truly magnificent tour from the capital to Toliara, descending the wild isolated river Tsiribihina to reach one of the wonder of Madagascar, the Tsingy de Bemaraha and the famous Baobabs Avenue. We travel southwards along the western coast, driving through incredible unique landscapes like sahavanas, swamps, white sandy dunes to end the tour in one of the most idyllic beach.
The Manambolo River

Manambolo River & The Tsingy de Bemaraha

A 12 days private trip to the West of Madagascar. Am authentic adventure on a typical dugout canoe to discover the Wild Manambolo River followed by the visit of the famous National Park of the Tsingy de Bemaraha. The tour ends in Morondava.

Marojejy And The North of Madagascar

A naturalistic journey off the tourist routes across the North of Madagascar. From Ankarana to Marojejy, from the forests of Daraina to the Marine Park of Nosy Hara to the colonial ville of Diego Suarez. Adventure packed trip for nature lovers.

Northern Makay and the Mangoky River

A private 16 days trip to explore the Makay Massif and the wild Mangoky River. The tour end in one of the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar on the Mozambique Channel.

People of Madagascar

The anthropological tour of Madagascar, we will visit and learn about the past, the present and the future of some of the most interesting people of the Highlands and the East Coast, from the food to the music and their traditions. An experience not to miss.

Sambirano Valley & the Parks of the North

A 7 days private tour to discover Sambirano Valley, its villages, the world famous cocoa plantations and the National Parks of Northern Madagascar.
Tsaranoro Valley

Somaina, Andringitra & Isalo

A 15 days private tour along the spectacular Highlands of Madagascar. From the rainforest of Ranomafana to the lunar landscape of Andringitra National Park, from the Betsileo Countryside of Somaina to the famous Isalo National park. A trip full of easy treks in some of the most incredibles sights.
Berenty Reserve

The Great South and the Tsingy

An incredible three weeks private from Fort Dauphin via the southernmost point of Madagascar along the most beautiful, wild and authentic western coast to end at the famous Baobabs Avenue and the labyrinth of the Tsingy de Bamaraha.

The North and Nosy Be

A 12 days tour that includes the main sights and natural area of the great North of Madagascar and the best group excursions of Nosy Be.

The Zafimaniry, the Canal Pangalanes & Sainte Marie

A 15 days private tour to discover Ambositra followed by a 3 days trekking to see the best preserved Zafimaniry villages. Then we will visit the National Park of Ranomafana and drive all to way to Mananjary on the East Coast. From Mananjary we have a 2 days private cruise on the famous Canal de Pangalanes before reaching Mahambo. We will spend 3 far niente on the tropical Island of Sainte Marie. The tour ends visiting the National Park of Andasibe.
Tortues in Baly Bay National Park

Treasures of Mahajanga

A 14 days private trip in one of the most remote and unexplored region of Madagascar, the Boeny. Mahajanga is the main city of the region, we will visit the National Park of the Tsingy de Namoroka, the Baly Bay National Park and the historic Boeny Bay with the Reserve of Antrema.

Tsiribihina River, Tsingy & Baobabs Avenue

A private, 8 days, authentic, express tour of Madagascar, from the capital of Antananarivo to Baobabs Avenue via the River Tsiribihina and the world famous National Park of the Tsingy de Bemaraha.