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Belo sur Mer, authentic Madagascar

Protected bay located in the southwest of Menabe and 80 km from Morondava, Belo-sur-Mer offers a fascinating landscape ideal for a honeymoon in Madagascar. Destination dedicated to those who love to spend a quiet stay, discover also everyday life but also the dexterity of the Vezo to build traditional dhows! From Morondava by boat it takes 3 hours to get to Belo while by car, 4 hours.

History of Belo sur Mer

The work sites on the beaches of Belo sur Mer are linked to the history of Madagascar. It is precisely here that Breton carpenters arrived for a cooperative mission under the leadership of Radama II, king of Madagascar. Wishing to open up to the world, the latter had asked Napoleon III to send specialists to the island for the manufacture of faster but also larger boats. A savoir-faire that the local “Vezo” population has managed to dominate and perpetuate over time. The men in these parts are both artisans and fishermen, you can see them working on the construction of their elder, some of whom have made this art a real profession. Elderberries and schooners are built here in at least six months and require up to 800 different pieces of wood! Belo sur Mer owes its development to the vast salt flats that you cross by car to get to Belo.

What to see in Belo sur Mer

Gorgeous beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea and one of the best coral reefs in the country for the number of marine life.

But Belo sur Mer offers much more than relaxation and the sea. In addition to being renowned for its traditional construction sites, Belo-sur-Mer, as already mentioned, has also a very large salt flats as far as the eye can see where many families, from generation to generation, are able to clean the sand to extract the salt nuggets. Another sight no to miss is Ankevo sur Mer, a fishing village also famous for its magnificent coral reef. From there, you can also explore the Manahy Dunes and then take the Menaky Canal to reach the salt flats. It is also an opportunity to discover local tradition, including richly decorated tombs that line the road. Take advantage of your stay to take canoe trips and explore the islets of Nosy Andriamitaroka, Nosy Andravoho and Nosy Andriangary will make you discover their wonderful seabed and the possibility of being able to spend the night in camping. Magnificent tropical aquarium with its turquoise waters, indulge in scuba diving but also kitesurfing! Last but not least, a visit to the Kirindy-Mitea National Park, a visit that can be done by boat or by car.

In Belo Sur there are two excellent Ecolodges, one in the center while the other, a little further north with a better beach.

Good to Know

400 km South of Antananarvio (10 hours' drive) and 60 km East of Fianarantsoa (1.5 hours' drive)
Entry Fee
Park entry fee 55.000 MGA + guide from 85.000 (for 4 visitors) depending on the circuit and the duration of the visit.
Our favorite hotels
Thermal Ranomafana, Centrest Séjour and Grenat Hotel
When to go
All year long...but also, expect rain all year long.
Area (km2)
Approx 420 sq km

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