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Madagascar’s Natural Treasure

National Parks

5% of all known animal and plant species can only be found here in the National Parks of Madagascar. The trademark of the island is undoubtedly the lemurs, but calm, there are many stranger and unique creatures: the mysterious lemur-eating fossa (a small feline predator), the chameleons with the most spectacular colors, the strangest insects like the bizarre giraffe-necked weevils, hundreds of types of frogs, turtles with elegant stripes.

Madagascar in Numbers

132.600 sq km of Forests

43 Protected Areas, 26.000 sq km

2 Strict Nature Reserves

27 National Parks, 7 UNESCO sites, 5 Ramsar Sites

14 Special Reserves, 4 Biosphere Reserves

About 14.000 species of plants

4220 species of trees, 95% found nowhere else

1000 species of orchids

7 species of baobabs trees, 6 endemic to Madagascar

108 known species of lemur, all endemic to Madagascar

4600 species of butterflies

292 species of birds, 109 endemic 

95 species of chameleons (2/3 of the world’s known species)

Over 100 non-venomous snakes

14 species of turtles