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Ambohimanga and Lemurs’ Park

Price €35 1 Day
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Ambohimanga and Lemurs’ Park

€35 per person

Half an hour north of the capital lies the ancient citadel of the Merina People. Still considered and revered as a sacred place, today is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A very well maintained citadel surrounded by beautiful Malagasy countryside. In the afternoon, we will visit Lemurs Park, a super private reserve where we will be able to see from very close range different species of lemurs (Black and white ruffed Lemur, Common brown Lemur, Coquerel’s Sifaka, Crowned Sifaka, Eastern Lesser Bamboo Lemur, Mongoose Lemur and Ring Tailed Lemur). The day will finish by 5 PM depending on traffic.

Prices per person

  • 1 Traveler €100  
  • 2 Travelers €65  
  • 3 Travelers €60  
  • 4 Travelers €50
  • 5 Travelers €45
  • 6 Travelers €35 

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The Main Sights of the Tour
The village of Ambohimanga does not seem to have changed since the days of royalty ... At the entrance, the reconstruction of the very beautiful traditional door with its enormous stone disc is impressive.
Lemurs' Park
25 km west of Antananarivo, Lemurs Park allows you to see lemurs, turtles and some chameleons. This pretty park has been created from scratch: the trees have been planted and the animals imported.