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Ankarana National Park Day Tour

Price €80 1 day
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Ankarana National Park Day Tour

€80 per person

About 100 km south of the city of Antsiranana is located the world famous Ankarana National Park. The park, is known for its limestones formation, called the Tsingy, and its abundance of wildlife. It is also considered as the most densely populated forest by primates (lemurs) and one of hikers paradise destination of the whole island.

We will pick you up at 5.30AM from your hotel in Antsiranana and make our way to the park. In about 4 hours we arrive in Mahamasina, Akarana East. A 5 hours circuit can be done before heading back to Antsiranana. Lunch not included, and can be ordered before the hike, in one of the restaurant by the entrance. We expect to be back in Antsiranana by 8PM.

Prices per person

  • 1 Traveler €230  
  • 2 Travelers €150
  • 3 Travelers €130  
  • 4 Travelers €100
  • 5 Travelers €90
  • 6 Travelers €80  

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Tour Location

The Main Sights of the Tour
Ankarana National Park
The Ankarana National Park is famous for its tsingy, karst formations offering the rather breathtaking vision of hundreds of sharp limestone needles and peaks, erect towards the sky. In addition, water erosion has caused the creation of more than 100 caves which were inhabited during inter-ethnic conflicts. Some even house royal tombs. A dream place for hikers.