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Lokobe National Park

The last primary forest

Lokobe National Park

Located on the island of Nosy Be, on the southeast side, the Lokobe Integral Nature Reserve is a dream attraction for nature lovers. Presenting a primary forest area extending over 740ha, the reserve has been, since its birth, one of the last natural habitats of many animal species to be discovered for their endemic character and their particularities.

Covering three quarters of the reserve, the primeval forest of Sambirano is accessible from the village of Ambanoro, however, the reception office of the reserve is located in Marodoka and not in the village previously mentioned.

The park can be visited all year long, from January to Mars expect heavy rains in the afternoon.


Known for the black lemur (female are brown, see pic above), Lokobe host also different nocturnal species (visible on daytime) such as the Gray-backed sportive lemur and some mouse lemurs.
Let’s also mention the Madagascar pygmy kingfisher and the Madagascar long-eared owl as endemic avifaune, and the strange looking panther-chameleon, endemic frogs and several snakes.


In Lokobe, a variety of palm species are scattered throughout the reserve as well as different plant species such as rosewood. Ferns, orchids, pandanus and epiphytic plants offer a unique plant world to view!

Good to Know

10 km East of Hell-Ville, Nosy Be
Entry Fee
Park entry fee 55.000 MGA + guide from 100.000 MGA for 4 people for circuits under 3 hours
Our favorite hotels
Zara Village, Villa Palissandre, Manga Soa Lodge
When to Go
All year round
A whole day excursion to Lokobe National Park, including entry fee, guide and transport, should cost no more than 130.000 MGA pp.