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The Makay Massif

The Makay Massif

The Makay Massif is the must-see place for trekking and adventure lovers, located in the southwest of Madagascar. It was explored in 2010 for the first time and it is now a protected area. 175 km long, this natural labyrinth that stretches from north to south is bounded by the Mangoky and Tsiribihina rivers.

Adventure in the Makay massif

If you are a good walker and want to explore unique places, the Makay massif will be your place. You can spend from one to three weeks trekking through canyons, deep gorges and rocky ridges. Thanks to this place, which is still very little frequented, you will attend a daily spectacle. From daybreak you can admire from a panoramic point of view the large semi-desert plateaus.

Makay is divided in Makay South and Makay North. The North is more spectacular and grander, wild atmosphere, the gorges are deeper and there is a lot more water present. The South is smaller, more intimate. A very rich journey that allows you to recharge your batteries. Each night in bivouac is a pleasant moment under the very starry sky where you can see the Milky Way and the shooting stars.

Discover an endemic flora and flora

The Makay massif is home to magnificent flora and fauna. It is the richest protected area in Madagascar. Crocodiles, frogs, chameleons and 9 species of lemurs live in this massif. More than 500 species of plants and more than 400 insects have adapted to the harsh living conditions between these large canyons of water.

Meet the people of Makay

Within the Makay massif, you will be on the territory of the Bara ethnic group. It’s a moment rich in culture and meeting. You will often come across them armed, with zebu horns, necklaces, dried meat fillets. They roam the territory to find new places or are leaving to steal a herd of zebu. They live on zebu farming and you can find out how they eat and how they spend their day. Their flirting technique: A comb hung in the hair, means that they are available for a woman. To seduce them, they still have to steal a zebu. As for the women, they take care of the household and the children and are responsible for finding water in the wells. This is rare in this region and requires them to walk many kilometers.

Good to Know

Beronono, (Southern Makay) 500 km North of Toliara 12 hours' drive, Tsiazorambo (Northern Makay) 560 km, South of Antananarivo 13 hours' drive)
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Visa in not needed for EU. Everyone else needs a visa.
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