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7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Honeymoon in Madagascar

For any newly-married couple, a honeymoon is a must. After all, they must have some time to themselves to celebrate becoming a couple. While a simple getaway is enough for many couples, they should spare no expense and live it up. There are no better ways of doing this than a honeymoon abroad, particularly on an island. One perfect example of this is Madagascar.

Madagascar is a country that is surrounded by water and has a pleasantly warm climate throughout the year. The Indian Ocean borders it in the west and the Mozambique Channel in the east. The country is famous for its wildlife, landscapes, and beaches, making it the perfect honeymoon getaway. Furthermore, it’s also home to some of the best diving locations in the world.

If you have reservations about going to Madagascar for your honeymoon, here are some reasons why you should go through with it:

#1 – Excellent Cuisine

Madagascar is home to some of the best seafood and exotic fruits. There are also many delicious dishes that you can enjoy as a newly-married couple. The difference between the food in Madagascar and that in other countries is unique. This means that you won’t be served the same dishes you have had before.

#2 – Friendly Locals

There is no better way to immerse yourself in a culture than to get to know its people. While the people in Madagascar may not speak the same language as you, they are warm and welcoming. They are also proud to call this place home, and this is evident from their proud countenance and willingness to show you around, so you’ll have a good time on your honeymoon while staying in this country.

#3 – Beautiful Accommodations

Of course, you have to stay somewhere during your honeymoon. Madagascar has many beautiful hotels, resorts, and guesthouses that you can visit. Some of them are pretty luxurious and have all the facilities you need. Many of them are even located on picturesque beaches that are perfect for relaxing and having a good time.

#4 – Exciting Activities to Participate in

Madagascar is home to several natural attractions that you can visit during your honeymoon. This includes the famous Ranomafana National Park, located in the southeastern part of the country. This is a mountainous region with a lot of wildlife, from lemurs to a wide variety of birds. It’s also home to various insects, including the Madagascar hissing cockroach.

#5 – Very Affordable

Some people think that honeymoons should be expensive. While you may have to pay more for some honeymoon destinations, Madagascar is very affordable. You can get the best deals on packages that include accommodation and meals.

If you feel like living it up, you can certainly do so. You can always choose to stay in luxurious and expensive hotels. While you’ll probably pay more, the costs are relatively cheaper than if you’re staying somewhere else in the world.

#6 – Magnificent Views

It’s not just the flora and fauna that make Madagascar so beautiful. It’s also the scenery. Many of the places you’ll go to have mesmerizing views that you can look at from afar. If you’re not a good swimmer, you can enjoy the view from the shore, and it would still be beautiful.

#7 – Rich Cultural Heritage

The people of Madagascar have a rich cultural heritage evident from their way of life. For example, many still live off the land and depend on it for agricultural purposes. This can be seen from the large number of people who live in local villages and engage in agricultural activities. There are also many artisan activities that you can engage in, such as weaving and leather-working.


If you want to have a great honeymoon in a country with many unique things, you should consider visiting Madagascar. It’s a country that will surely blow you and your spouse away, and the experience will be something that you’ll never forget.

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