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Supporting Eco-Conscious Travel and Holidays: A How-To Guide

The way we travel has changed significantly in recent years. Travel to simply lie on a beach and soak up luxury is long gone. Travelers are more aware of the impact the environment and local communities have on their journey and try to be considerate of both. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be eco-warriors to enjoy their vacation – conscious travel means being mindful of all the environments you explore while still being able to revel in all the excitement that comes with it. When traveling through Africa, travelers should be aware of environmental issues and traditions.

If you are planning to take a trip to the African continent, Madagascar in particular, this article is for you!

Supporting Eco-Conscious Travel and Holidays: A How-To Guide

1 – Choose uncrowded places that value sustainability

Africa is huge, and each country has different environmental issues and traditions. Many countries do not give much thought to the environment and rely on unsustainable land use, which can threaten the ecosystem and the people who live within it – and this is when they have the resources to do it. This is why you should choose a destination that has been careful to preserve the environment and heritage of the people and avoid spots that have become a major tourist attraction.

2 – Think about how to get there

Is it necessary to fly to get there? If so, look for a direct flight or a flight with no transit to have a smaller environmental impact. Although, this may raise your cost slightly and add to your travel time.

3 – Look for sustainable accommodation

Many hotels and resorts offer green or sustainable accommodation that is eco-friendly, meaning it is made using wood, bamboo, bamboo, and other materials that don’t deplete the land.

4 – Try to reduce your waste and use the resources that the host country offers

In many places in Africa, you’ll be able to find fruit, vegetables, nuts, and other food in the markets to cook with or just eat fresh. Also, use the local transportation, walk instead of taking a taxi and use the local water when showering. You can also opt to get out of the city and see the surroundings by hiring a guide to take you on a hike and help you understand the local wildlife and landscape.

5 – Support local economies

There are many local products made in Africa that you can buy to help support the local economy, such as items made from local plants. Buy these kinds of items instead of those made by international companies that have been sourced globally.

6 – Don’t leave your waste

When traveling, you’ll always find litter, even in the most eco-friendly places. It’s easy to use a plastic bag to keep your stuff dry or a straw to drink your drink at a bar, but not easy to use a paper bag or get a reusable cup of your own.


When traveling through Africa, take into account the environmental impact of your trip. Choose destinations that value sustainability and try to support the local economy by buying local products. Be conscious of how you travel, and you can enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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