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10 Travel Hacks for a Worry-Free Vacation

Traveling allows you to escape the stress of everyday life. Yet, you can still experience stress and anxiety even during your trips. Don’t let the misery follow you to your getaway by following these ten travel hacks to make you feel at ease.

1. Hide your phone at the beach

It’s better if you can avoid bringing your phone to the beach. However, if you need your phone with you, put it in a waterproof bag, seal it, and bury it in the sand before dipping into the ocean. Just leave a marker where you buried it, or you may forget that you had those items with you.

2. Give sweets to flight attendants

This is not bribery of sorts, more like being an excellent traveler. An act of kindness can merit you extra servings of wine or a neck pillow for better sleep. It’s also a nice gesture of appreciation for the service that they give.

3. Organize your earphone wire with a clip

While wrapping your earphone wire around your fingers before tucking them into your coat is an organized way to keep it, pulling it out later will give you a mess of wires. Wrapping your earbuds around the handles of a binder clip is a cost-friendly way to keep your earphones organized to avoid frustrating tangled wires.

4. Properly label fragile luggage

Request a fragile sticker from the flight crew for luggage bags that contain breakable items. They may ask you to sign a waiver that clears them from any damage incurred, but having the sticker tells the person who is loading the baggage to put it on top of the pile. As a result, it’s also the first few bags that will come through the conveyor belt upon arrival.

5. Keep your money in a lip balm tube

Protect yourself from pickpockets by placing some of your cash in the cylinder of your empty lip balm. They won’t suspect that there’s cash in there, leaving them frustrated as they search your bag for money. Of course, keep a lip balm in your travel essentials, especially if your lips chap easily.

6. Save money on hidden tickets

You can have extra pocket money by doing hidden ticketing. Instead of flying directly from New York to Washington D.C, you can buy a one-way ticket to any destination granted that it has a layover in D.C. You may not be able to check-in your luggage on this one-way trip, but it will cost you way less money to travel.

7. Beer prices indicate the restaurant’s prices

Upon arriving at your destination, look at the menu of nearby restaurants, and check their price for ordinary beer. Rare brews will cost more, but prices for mass-consumed beer will paint the picture of whether or not they have an overpriced menu.

8. Pack an empty water bottle

Airport security will ask you to leave your distilled water bottle. Instead, bring an empty reusable water bottle and fill it up once you clear the checkpoint. You can fill it up with water after passing through security, which gives you enough to drink while waiting for your flight.

9. Let the smartphone be your map

You can still use your phone even if you don’t want to spend on roaming data or don’t buy a local SIM card. Instead, save offline maps for viewing and put your phone on airplane mode to get accurate navigation. GPS does not depend on phone signals, plus the battery will last longer. If you’re not going on airplane mode, you may find a Wi-Fi hotspot somewhere to download more directions or to send quick messages.

10. Wear your jacket at the airport

Aside from dealing with the cold conditions inside the airport, stuffing its pockets with your smaller items will help you get through security checkpoints quicker. Don’t be the person who dumps everything onto the basket and takes time to reorganize them after. If you have everything on your jacket, you can wear it again and proceed to find your gate.

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