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5 Unique and Interesting Lemur Facts You Must Know

Lemurs are members of the primate order and are only found on the island of Madagascar. There are currently 112 species of lemur, with two new species discovered this year! Lemurs are considered to be the most endangered of all primate species. 

Many lemur species are threatened due to habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. Here are some interesting lemur facts to impress any animal lover. 

1) They Like to Move It, Move It to Acapella! 

Certain species of lemur have developed the ability to use their vocal cords to sing and communicate with each other. They do this because they are territorial and want to repel any other lemur from their territory. 

They sing and chatter, creating a cocktail of voices that fills the air with the scent of happiness and springtime. Indri are a talented a capella group that includes both the males and the females, who often sing in sync with each other. 

2) Lemurs Are the Only Other Primates With Blue Eyes

Most primates have brown eyes. Lemurs are one of the only species of primates with blue eyes. A certain type of lemur called Sclater’s lemurs or “blue-eyed black lemurs” are the only of their kind with this humanistic trait.

Blue-eyed black lemurs are currently under conservation efforts thanks to the Lemur Conservation Network (AEECL).

3) Lemurs Can Self-Medicate

Lemurs are the only primates with salivary glands. They are one of the only animals that can absorb nutrients through their saliva, which can be applied to their wounds to treat them. Lemurs have healing saliva that has been known to treat their wounds and kill the germs.

In particular, Red-fronted brown lemurs can eat millipedes to get rid of parasites such as worms. It is thought that the millipedes’ toxins kill the parasites found in their guts.

4) You Can Celebrate Lemurs at the World Lemur Festival

Did you know there was a holiday for lemurs? Lemur Day is held on the last Friday of every October and is held in the country of Madagascar where lemurs are most commonly found. The day is observed by zoos, zoos, and lemur lovers worldwide.

The lemur festival is held every year and is one of the largest events celebrating not only the lemurs but also the people and culture of the island.

5) Madagascar Is Their Home

Lemurs have been known to have recently made their home in the forests of Madagascar. Madagascar is the only place on Earth where lemurs can be found.

The lemurs can be found in the lowland and montane rainforests. There are also some lemurs that live in the mangrove swamps and the dry deciduous forests. 

The dry deciduous forests receive less rainfall and less water than the rainforests. The dry forests are less dense than the rainforests and are more known for their dry, spiny trees.


Lemurs are a unique species of primate that are only found in the world on the island of Madagascar. That being said, many species of lemurs are threatened due to habitat loss and the illegal pet trade.

You can learn more about lemurs and their ecosystem by visiting their home in Madagascar. At Travelers of Madagascar, we can help you plan your next Madagascar adventure. Get in touch with us today!