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Why You Should Visit Madagascar in 2022

Madagascar is the biggest island in the Indian Ocean, and it is famous for its unique wildlife and biodiversity. In addition to breathtaking views of nature, white sand beaches, and stunning rainforests, Madagascar has delicious local food, all of which provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Why You Should Visit Madagascar in 2022

1. Lemurs

This is the place to get up close and personal with cute and adorable lemurs. From the ring-tailed lemur to the sifaka lemur, there are countless species to check out. The best time to see them is early morning and late afternoon as they’re more active during those times. There are several nature reserves with lemurs, which are run with permission from the government. There are also wildlife sanctuaries in the country with the same goal of protecting the adorable creatures.

Visit the island of Nosy-be to see lemurs in their natural habitat.

2. Light in the sky

Did you know Madagascar has one of the largest lightshows in the world? It’s in the village of Ankilitelo, where the locals believe it’s a sign from God. Around the time of the equinoxes, lightning will strike the earth and the lights will appear: a curtain of pulsing colour and light. It’s an amazing and unreal experience.

3. Parrots

Great as pets or as a talking point, if you love birds then you’ll want to check out the bird market in Toamasina. It’s the only place in the world where the rare and colourful Timneh parrot is sold. Besides, with so many kinds of parrots, you’re bound to find a bird you’ll fall for – they’re so cute! You can also spot several species of parrots in Antananarivo, Nosy Be and Ankarana.

4. Deserts

Madagascar has some of the most diverse landscapes you can find on the planet, from rainforests to deserts. The deserts have red earth that looks like Mars. It’s completely different from anything you’ve seen and you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet and gorgeous views. The best place to see the desert is the Ankarana.

5. Spiny forest

The spiny forest has evolved to protect itself from predators. The spiny, sharp branches protect the plants and thorns protect the animals. The spiny forest is all over the island and you’ll find it in Ranomafana National Park and Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.

6. Beaches

Madagascar’s beaches are world-class and you should definitely experience them. From Nosy Be and Nosy Komba, which offer luxury and leisure, to the more isolated and small beaches like Nosy Iranja or Tsarabanjina, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

7. Rainforests

There are so many rainforests in Madagascar it’s hard to count. One unique rainforest is the Masoala, the only rainforest in Africa with a vital population of lemurs. It’s also the largest rainforest in the country.

8. The capital city

Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar and it’s where you’ll find many of the main landmarks of the country. It’s also the best place to stay as it has the best hotels, restaurants and entertainment. There are several parks in the city where you can enjoy peace and quiet, as well as stunning views.

From the nature reserves to the national parks, there are many natural attractions in Madagascar. There are also many historic sites to visit, culture to experience and delicious food to try. This exotic island has so much to offer. If you’re looking for adventure this should be your next destination.

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