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Curried Cassava

5 Delicious Madagascar Staple Food That You Should Try

People have been cultivating crops and raising livestock on the African island of Madagascar for thousands of years, long before the Europeans arrived. The natives have a couple of national dishes that were influenced by the French colonization of the island. 

Some of the most flavorful ingredients from both these continents are used in those dishes. As a result, the island’s cuisine has adopted many European ingredients, such as crevettes (shrimp), curry, and cassava. 

Here are some of Madagascar’s most mouthwatering meals to try.

1) Zebu

Zebu is a famous Madagascar dish consisting of shredded dried beef. It is a common breakfast item. Meat from cattle and cattle-like creatures, such as zebu, is one of the most common ingredients in the local cuisine. 

Zebu is typically served in its famous “dollar” shape. The shredded beef is served on a plate in a neat circle. The meat is usually accompanied with a side of rice, cassava (a potato substitute) and an egg on top. It is the crispiest and the spiciest version of creamed beef you will ever taste.

2) Ravitoto

Ravitoto is another popular dish in Madagascar. It is an Italian-oriented meal that combines rice, cassava, tomato sauce, and fried egg. There are different local spices used in this dish, so it has a distinct flavor.

This tasty dish is made with a marinade of rice flour, spices, and minced meat. It is usually served with some egg on top. Traditional ravitoto is made with zebu meat, but it is usually pork nowadays.

3) Mofo Anana and Mofo Baolina

Mofo Anana and Mofo Baolina are two sets of staple foods in Madagascar. Both of them have similar ingredients, but are prepared differently. 

Mofo Anana is a combination of fried cassava, meat, and chicken broth. It is a typical meal for breakfast. Mofo Baolina is an alternative to it. It is made with cassava and chicken broth, but is fried with tomato sauce. 

Some of the spices used to make the broth are aniseed, onion, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. It is a delicious staple food that is perfect for breakfast or lunch.

4) Koba Akondro

Koba Akondro is a dish made of corn that is served with beef, chicken, or fish. Corn is one of Madagascar’s most popular crops and is eaten in most local dishes. It is often prepared with meat, fish, or chicken. 

This meal is a combination of corn and cassava, alongside meat. Some people choose to eat it without meat, as it is vegetarian. Some of the spices that are used in this meal are curry, ginger, and onions.

5) Curried Cassava

Curried cassava is a popular and delicious meal on the island of Madagascar. The dish is a combination of cassava leaves, curry, meat, and onions. It is a famous national dish of Madagascar, but is not common as a street food. 

The meal includes a lot of local spices and usually prepared by native cooks. The cassava leaves are sliced and cooked with boiling water, ginger, salt, oil, onions, and spices. The main ingredient in this dish is cassava.


Madagascar is a great place to visit, especially if you are looking to eat some of the world’s most delicious and flavorful dishes. The many different spices used in the local dishes give the food a special taste. There are many restaurants and local eateries you can try these kinds of local food.

If these enticing dishes won’t make you want to take a Madagascar adventure, we don’t know what will. To have an authentic Madagascar experience, book your tours with Travelers of Madagascar. We provide detailed and scenic tours of the best places in Madagascar. Get in touch to learn more.