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5 Delicious Drinks You Should Try While in Madagascar

When people travel to different countries, they often focus on food. And while it is important to try new and exciting dishes you’ve never had before, one must not forget about getting a good drink to pair with it as well. And if you happen to be in Madagascar, you won’t regret trying these delicious drinks.

1. The Ranonapango or Burnt Rice Water

As the name suggests, this is a sweet and tasty drink you should try when visiting Madagascar. Burnt rice is used in making this drink and it is mixed with water to create a tasty beverage.

The name of this drink comes from the fact that it is often made using the leftover rice on the fire. Burning the rice leaves interesting flavors in the water that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

2. Local Wines

You can find a variety of local wines here in Madagascar. Depending on where you go, you can have a chance to try other local wines that might be available. Most of the wines in Madagascar are made from different grapes so you will get a chance to experience a variety of wines.

And because these are made locally, you can be sure that they are very delicious. Most of these wines are sweet for the locals, but for non-locals, you can add some water to make these tastes more appealing to your taste buds.

3. Local Beers

If you’re a serious beer drinker, you’ll be happy to know that you can find a lot of local beers in Madagascar. These beers can be sweeter than the ones found in the United States so you may have a hard time adjusting to the taste. But once you do, you’ll be happy you gave it a try.

You’ll be able to enjoy your local beers with your family and friends or even by yourself. What’s great about drinking in Madagascar is that the locals are very friendly and welcoming, so you will be able to enjoy drinking your beer with a few new friends.

4. Toaka Gasy

Toaka Gasy is a tasty rum made from sugar cane and water. You can find this drink in almost every place in Madagascar, so you can be sure you can find it easily. You can drink it straight or mix it with some water for a better taste.

5. Malagasy Tea

The Malagasy tea is truly special. It is a type of tea that is crushed and mixed with sugar. It is used as a drink and even as a side dish.

It is made in a very interesting way, which is why it is popular in Madagascar. It is also available in a variety of colors. Because it is made from the leaves of the tea, it has mild flavors and isn’t too bitter. It is something you should try if you visit Madagascar.

Final Thoughts

Drinking in Madagascar is one of the best experiences you can have while visiting. These drinks may not be as common as others you have tried, but they are truly worth trying.

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